A Message From Our Suppliers

A Message From Our Supplier Partners

Hello NOA Members,

As we all navigate through these challenging times, we wanted to share an update on what some of our Supplier Partners are doing for Owners to lend a hand. To see a full list of our members, please click here

As a valued part of the Three-Legged Stool, we can’t thank them enough. 

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Proud Title Sponsor - 3rd Annual Member Meeting

QsrSoft deferred April invoicing until May to help with initial cashflow challenges. To help find theft, they provided QsrSecurity for free to non-subscribers for 30 days in April. They developed new reporting to help with data needed for PPP loan compliance. They launched QsrSoft Mobile Inventory App to quickly and accurately capture and post daily, weekly, and monthly inventories. Finally, QsrSoft is launching Forms Premier to operate more efficiently and increase accountability by digitally completing old paper processes such as shift checklists, cleanliness walk throughs, and much more.

Click here to learn more about their new reporting for PPP loan compliance Click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial of the QsrSoft Mobile Inventory App Click here to learn more about Forms Premier


FRSCPA collaboratively works with clients in order to provide necessary guidance that helps owner/operators make informed business decisions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. They have developed various analytical tools to assist in expense tracking for PPP loans, Forgiveness Calculations, and required FTE monitoring. Additionally, they monitor your liquidity through their proprietary Liquidity Projection Analysis tool in order to provide owner/operators with a complete overview of cash-flow needs. Through this analysis they provide a clear and concise plan of action to assist you in achieving optimal financial strength through these challenging times. The FRS team of accountants also offers personalized consulting services specifically for the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application. They will be consulting closely with their o/o to assist in the tracking, documentation, and finalization of the application for the PPP Loan Forgiveness. Their team can assist with the entire process or provide guidance on specific pieces. If desired, their team can assist in verifying that you are on the right path toward forgiveness and assist in compiling the documentation necessary to finalize the application for forgiveness. 

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Altrua Global Solutions

It has been a unique time for Altrua Global Solutions as they are manufacturing items they never have heard of two months ago. Early on, they gave out free signs though the Tallahassee Chamber to local restaurants struggling after the stay-at-home order and signs thanking first responders. They are also printing cloth face masks and developing other PPE products, like the touchless key tool. As McDonald’s stores begin to open fully, they are working with the Atlanta field office on crew care kits. Although their sales were down over 50% in April, they have been fortunate enough to keep all of their team employed.

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Alliance Payroll Services Inc

Alliance has been working diligently to assist nearly 300 Owner/Operator clients through the reporting required by the FFCRA and CARES Act - while shifting the majority of their own workforce to work remotely. During this time, Owner Operators have mentioned that their mobile employee engagement and communication tools have been especially useful. Their clients have increased the number of applications received for open crew and management positions through their Applicant Tracking System, demonstrated social distancing and safety programs to protect employees and customers via the Employee Self Service mobile app, used online training tools to quickly get new employees up to speed through their remote learning application, utilized reporting and analytics to maximize PPP loan forgiveness, monitored Tax Credit compliance to improve their operational bottom line performance, and utilized their Employee Retention Credit calculation and reporting with same day employment tax credit refunds. They are proud to provide all of these COVID-19 reports at no additional charge to their Owner Operator clients.

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COVID-19 has impacted all of us, but the restaurant industry has faced particularly challenging obstacles. That’s why Branch is partnering with McDonald’s franchises across the country to offer free financial benefits to hourly employees. Learn more about how Branch works with Datapass to allow McDonald’s employees to receive money, manage cash flow, and spend anywhere – all from their smartphone.

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Payroll NW

They are assisting their clients in any way they can through this crisis. They are pulling reports, creating reports, and available any time for questions. They have remained fully staffed throughout this pandemic and are committed to helping their clients get to the other side of this.

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Besnard Insurance

Since 1979, Besnard Insurance has supported Owner/Operators in better managing their long-term insurance costs. With the recent merger of Dean Villella Agency, they now insure nearly 6,500 McDonald’s restaurants from coast to coast. To help support NOA members during these unusual times, they have continued to develop several tools and resources to benefit your organizations. A few examples include Besnard’s Mobile App, an online safety training program called Manager Safety University, and a paperless policy delivery system. Besnard continues to help the local communities of their clients, including significant donations to multiple charities like Feeding America and Ronald McDonald House Charities, hundreds of McDonald’s meals donated to Health Care First Responders, and even $100 McDonald’s gift cards for each of their employees. To help Owner/Operators stay up to date related to COVID-19, please visit www.BesnardSupport.com.

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Roofing Source

After speaking with hundreds of their Owner/Operator clients over the past two months, Roofing Source knew they needed to be there for them during this challenging time by helping with cash flow. They are allowing McDonald's Owner/Operators to defer payment for two months on new restaurants added to the RoofCare program. Owner/Operators can get their restaurants' roofs fixed now and pay later. They found restaurant owners wanting to take advantage of this slower time and have one less thing to worry about when their dining rooms open. The RoofCare program provides a leak-free guarantee at a fixed low annual cost ($899 per year). This includes unlimited leak repairs, before/after photos of service and preventative maintenance throughout the year. At RoofingSource, they do not subcontract our service and are proud to be the go-to roofing partner for McDonald's Owner/Operators across the country. 

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Kitchen Brains

Scrub Buddy, from Kitchen Brains®, is the only all-in-one scheduled handwashing reminder and timer that ensures timely and proper employee handwashing, an essential task in today’s COVID-19 environment. Scrub Buddy alerts up to eight employees every 30 minutes to wash their hands and times each handwash for 20 seconds, as recommended by the CDC. Managers can easily adjust these times in programming mode, if necessary. Scrub Buddy is durable, runs on four AA batteries and requires no installation using its attached magnetic mount. An optional bracket is available for a more permanent installation. Proudly made in Stratford, Connecticut, Scrub Buddy is the latest product from Kitchen Brains (FAST.)®, builders of fine timers for the foodservice industry since 1969.

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Antares Group

Antares Group is offering a number of new services to our clients to help guide them through the coronavirus crisis. They have a stress test tool to give McDonald’s owner/operators insight into their financial viability in light of the restrictions impacting restaurant owners and strategies for navigating through the uncertainty of the months to come. They are also offering clients individualized consulting services to assist them with the tracking and documentation of information for the application of PPP Loan Forgiveness. This new service includes tracking expenses paid on the tracking spreadsheet, saving documentation for expenses paid, pulling payroll reports and the payroll tax returns for the applicable quarters, pulling bank statements, if needed, consulting about tracking spreadsheet and online bank transfers for covered expenses, and preparing the package with all required documentation and assist with the application for forgiveness. Antares Group has also been hosting and participating in a number of informative webinars diving deep into the PPP loan and forgiveness processes.

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E.S.S., Inc.

All of us are eager to reopen our businesses while at the same time keeping everyone safe.The last thing we want is for everything to shut down again, and protecting our people will help prevent that. Ann E. Braun, owner of ESS, shares many of the concerns that the operators have and compiled information regarding headset hygiene best practices and have assembled all of it on a page on their web site. Find the technical bulletins from all the manufacturers, plus additional tips from ESS.

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Kidzpace - New Payment Terms

The post Covid-19 era will be different and challenging. It may take a little time to ramp back up to pre Covid-19 numbers. Some costs and other factors are unknown at this time. To help with the transition, for a limited time, Kidzpace is offering new payment terms, including 6 months interest free, 25% down, and 6 equal payments with a pre-authorized credit card. Longer terms are available at competitive interest rates for large orders.

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Slip Safe Tile Treatment

Slip Safe is a small company is devoted to helping operators reduce slip and falls. Some operators have used this time to treat their floors. Slip Safe is here to answer any questions once the lobbies open again. Their sales are off 90%, but their plan to have no overhead whatsoever has paid off. Their system is focused on delivering the best product at the best price when you need it. Going forward, Slip Safe is here to help with floor safety needs with recommendations from their insurance partners: Besnard, Villella and Gallagher.

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