America Leans on Us

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was another unprecedented week at McDonald’s, our hometown. The war against the virus is upon us. It’s a different war than the others we have faced before. We have been fortunate to fight our wars abroad (at least since the Civil War). This one is fought right here at home. The fighting looks different too. We isolate. We shelter in place.  We are afraid of hurting our loved ones. All which are foreign to the America DNA. We are used to acting, we are used to hugging, we are used to gathering. We pride ourselves on our resilience, our resourcefulness, our freedom. The Virus preys on all the above and produces the worst possible outcome, fear. Fear is the ultimate killer. Fear destroys like no virus can.

And so we ask what can be done? What can we do for our hometown and what can McDonald’s do for our country? We are all prepared to make sacrifices. We all know work will be needed. Work to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Work to support those that are on the frontlines. Work to lift up this heavy world. This new world where nothing feels natural. Where even our Ronald Houses are closed. Work will be the constant. Work will be required. Work has never been an issue at McDonald’s. Work is very much in our DNA, at both McDonald’s and America. We will overcome and we will work. The lights will be lit again both at our Restaurants and at our Houses. We will work through this war. One step at a time. We will trudge the road to happy destiny. There will still be a place for happiness. It’s our work to see that remains true.

Bill Withers died this week. His work gave everyone hope. His songs reminded us what really matters. “Lean on Me” reminded us that we are all in this together. That we are not alone. He once said “If you think you have a gift, make yourself available, and the world will let you know.” We all have gifts to give. Now more than ever. You are a gift to someone six feet away. Someone is counting on you and America is counting on us. America leans on McDonald’s. 

Keep Working,
Your NOA Board

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