BBV2020 Extension

Dear Fellow Owners:

Thank you for your passionate feedback, support and candid questions to our Sunday email. We learn, improve and grow in our effectiveness from your recommendations and continued encouragement.

Since then, you have received the “System Update” that explains the specific changes and important progress on collaboration with the company. For additional information and context, please watch the BLS deliberations on Access McD.

Your NOA Board is writing to unanimously support the BBV2020 extension agreement. Our Owner/Operator Leadership has done a terrific job with this work. We believe this is a seminal moment in the mission of restoring our collaborative relationship with the company.

The NOA mission is to unify owners to “lead together again” and save our culture, while assuring the owners have net cash flow growth, financial viability and are immune from intimidation and retribution. We believe the incredible unity and alignment amongst all Owner leadership groups, with your support, created the environment responsible for the progress on this mission.

As we go forward we will continue to support the NOA Vision, Mission and Values as you’ll find on the NOA Website.

We hope to see you as we discuss all developments at the 2nd Annual Meeting October 7 & 8 in Dallas, where we expect well over a thousand attendees and guest speakers. You can click here to register and save your space.

Thanks again for your support.

Your “Pro-Collaboration” NOA Board

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