Breakfast Wars

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. The Coronavirus reminded us that we live in an interconnected world. Voting started for our next President, a trial ended for this President, and the State of the Union is strong (but far from united). The economy is robust and America is on the rise. We are a country on the move, which works well for McDonald’s. America loves McDonald’s, but she really loves McDonald’s when she is on the run. It’s good to see America running well again.

The competition is running. Wendy’s announced their debut into Breakfast. They have solicited Chef Mike in their efforts (he even kept his coat). They have a new guy in charge of their twitter handle and he is having a ball with it. It reminds me of my fourteen year old with her Snapchat account. Everything is very important, the same fifty followers comment, and each message has a 24 hour shelf life. The long story is Wendy’s has barely grown sales over the years, so breakfast is a no brainer, especially if you are in Dublin, Ohio. It’s a little harder for those running the restaurants. Adding 300 more hours to your weekly schedule isn’t something to do lightly, no matter how good the tweets are.

But make no mistake, the Breakfast Wars are on. America will once again choose where they Breakfast. America knows their McDonald’s favorites but it’s time to shop around. Time to see what’s out there. Are there still French Toast sticks at Burger King? Does Taco Bell still serve Breakfast? How is the meatless sausage at Dunkin? Does the Baconator live up to the tweets? And what about the McDonald’s Breakfast line up? How good are our McGriddle sandwiches? Does the Egg McMuffin really only have 300 calories? Does the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit at McDonald’s make all my problems go away? Can our Bagel Sandwiches create world peace? What’s this business about a secret Morning Mac? Heck, even our Oatmeal is good. It’s going to be a long war comrades, but just like America, we love a good food fight. And with our menu (and speed), America chooses McDonald’s for breakfast...all day.

Speaking of comrades, we celebrated 30 years of serving Big Macs in Russia last month. It was 30 years ago that fellow Franchisee, George Cohon realized his dream of opening a McDonald’s in the USSR.  George hatched the idea at the 1976 Montreal Olympics after seeing the Russian delegation eating at his local McDonald’s. It took 14 years and an unbelievable amount of grit to make it a reality. George and McDonald’s made history and the world got a little smaller and perhaps a little more peaceful. No two countries with McDonald’s have ever gone to war, or so the saying goes. The wars are now fought street by street, one Egg McMuffin (or Chicken Sandwich) at a time. Russia was no match for the Golden Arches but we aren’t underestimating Wendy. She will need a better chef though.

Your NOA Board
Blake Casper
Val Netland
Bob Hogan
Larry Tripplett
Michael Retzer Jr.
Joel Pellicci
Robert Lane
Mike Donahue, Executive Director

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