E Pluribus Unum

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was another unprecedented week at McDonald’s, our hometown. The country is reopening in different phases. Our customers are returning to our Drive Thrus in record numbers. Our teams are finding new ways to wow our customers and keep them safe. There are still more questions than answers, but America is emerging from its shelter. It will be a different America, and God willing, a better one. It will be American ingenuity and persistence that beats the virus, just like we have overcome every other foe we have faced.

We will need more than ingenuity to overcome the violence that erupted this week. The horrific death of George Floyd and the aftermath are a stark reminder of the work still left to be done. Justice must be served. Our divisions and overall mistrust are far too great for a country built on equality and unity. E Pluribus Unum has been America’s motto for 244 years. We need to make it more than a Latin verse on our national seal. McDonald’s can show America the way. We have literally been built on diversity and have the stories to prove it. We are a diverse group...ethnically, philosophically, and politically. We aren’t perfect, and we have plenty of disagreements, but we come together as one. Our commitment to the brand overcomes our differences and in doing so, we grow an appreciation for our brothers and sisters under the Arches. At NOA, we stand with the NBMOA. We are family. A family where everyone counts.

We are seeing improved sales throughout the country. Our teams are doing amazing work in our Drive Thru’s. Our Mobile Order App usage continues to surge and we are seeing OEPE times that we didn’t know were possible. The limited menu and ease of operations are allowing our teams to focus and provide blazing fast service. The Dakota’s test proved the business case, but it took a pandemic to convince the rest of us. We are convinced. Keeping our menu’s simplified is your NOA’s number one priority. Our second priority is a singular focus on our drive thrus. Our speed and through MOP, our contactless service will further separate us from our competition. While our competitors grapple with supply chain issues, we are delivering blazing fast service. 

Chicken Sandwiches are back in the news. KFC has a new sandwich being tested in Orlando. They are determined to get into the game. Meanwhile Popeyes announced very strong comp sales due to their sandwich’s success. The Chicken Sandwich wars are back.

Finally Space X successfully launched this weekend. America is back to sending Astronauts into space. America has the capacity to overcome all odds but it means very little if we can’t overcome hate. If we can’t bridge the divide. McDonald’s remains a bridge in our communities. We are an example of unity through diversity. E Pluribus Unum might not be in our vernacular, but we live it everyday. We are one.

Your “Praying for Peace” NOA Board

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