Field First Survey Results

Dear NOA Members,

To understand where we are, it is important to remember from where we came. The NOA was founded with the mission "...To unify owners to lead together again and save our culture..." The tireless work of the Owner advocates continues through both your elected NFLA representatives and your passionate, now over twelve hundred strong, NOA. We will keep working with the company to overcome many of your concerns and advocate on your behalf.

The NOA's immediate actions were to address what brought us together, the original BBV2020 agreement and the problems it created and failed to cure in the market place. You will remember all the prep and communications before and after the Chicago BLS meeting, dedicated to repairing the relationship and then working to help extend the new agreement to help all Owners accordingly.

There was so much to do at BLS, with the BBV2020 rewrite and extension, that the Owner Leadership and Company agreed to "table" such key issues as the Franchising Relationship, including Field First, Business Reviews, Eligibility issues for Growth and Rewrite and the critical issue of Sales Between Owners. In his August 6th System Update, NFLA Chair, Mark Salebra, wrote about the progress his teams' leadership is making on these fronts.

In its follow-up meeting with the company, the NFLA prioritized the most fundamental issue of our systems relationship...that being Field First. As you will see in the survey results below, they prioritized the right issue. This timely data from you will be used as critical information to help solve the broken components of Field First. Mark also reported they believe the company is listening, has acknowledged the level of concerns as demonstrated and also announced that Owners will work diligently with the company and Field Business Partners. They are now in the process of creating a Field First Task Force, led by West Zone NFLA Rep Andy Reprecht, to clearly understand the vision to create solutions.

Outlined below you will see survey results from over 500 Owners who responded. Please know the survey was constructed in a manner to be fair and balanced in order to get the most objective results. To see the full results and comments, please visit the Member Access section of the website.

We thank all of you for joining and engaging in this important mission of NOA. We believe our continued progress is due to "Strength in Numbers" realized from your support. We have officially started our 2019-2020 membership drive and encourage all of you to renew by clicking here.

Your "Hard At Work" NOA Board

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