Happy Thanksgiving

Dear NOA Members,

Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful to have such an incredible group of united Owners. 

We are grateful to have an independent association dedicated to the unique culture of McDonald’s. A culture that transcends generations, ethnicities, and personalities. A culture that celebrates the spirit and diversity of McDonald’s. A culture that supports the three legged stool and the people that bring it to life. We are thankful for your support and recognize that “none of us is as good as all of us.” 

The NOA embodies our commitment to these unique McDonald’s values, as you will see in the highlight video below. Those are the values that have built this great American brand.We wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving.  


Your NOA Board


Click on the image below to play the video.


  • It’s a great time of year for all of us in McD’s…soon we’d like to see all of the ways you are celebrating McFamily and Christmas in your restaurants, your best practices for creating the special feeling in the restaurant and any other thoughts you have for all of us…!!! All the best

    Michael Donahue
  • Hope everyone had nice Thanksgiving.


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