It Was A Busy Week At McDonald's

Dear NOA Members,

It was a busy week (to say the least) at McDonald’s, our hometown. By now you have read Mark Salebra’s and the entire Owner/Operator leadership’s message from Monday. That we heard from our owner leadership in such a timely manner is a testament to their leadership. They reassured us that they are at the helm of our leg of the stool. They are leading, no matter the circumstances. Just like we lead in our restaurants, no matter the circumstances. Our customers and teams are counting on us.

The board led too. They led by taking action in the manner they did. They upheld the values and standards that make McDonald’s world class and special at the same time. We encourage everyone to watch the Global Town Hall led by McDonald’s Chairman of the Board Rick Hernandez and Chris K. Rick spoke to the entire McDonald’s family about the importance of the McFamily. He also referenced his special relationship with Fred Turner, NOA’s patriarchal saint. Rick stressed his values and the values of McDonald’s. It was a meaningful message and one that we should all take to heart. The McDonald’s culture does matter and we lead with it. All of us.

Chris spoke to us, or more aptly to McDonald’s Corporation. He is the CEO of McDonald’s Corporation and must lead his leg of the stool first. They are in need of leadership right now. We appreciate the opportunity to watch. Chris did a great job articulating the mission of McDonald’s and asking for his team to reenlist in that mission. We especially liked his reference of renewing vows. McDonald’s is like a marriage and if asked, we would happily renew ours.

We welcomed Joe Erlinger back to the US. Joe is a tremendous leader and clearly has ketchup in his veins. He knows the importance of relationships and how to build lasting partnerships. His global experience and strategic outlook are matched with a local touch. We are a global brand but we win one customer at a time. We win one community at a time. We are most excited about Joe’s passion for the brand. It’s good to have Joe back.

Fred talked often about being in the people Business. He understood at a visceral level what that means and why McDonald’s Culture is so critical. Those of us who live in the restaurants know what that means. We know what working in close quarters with our people day in and day out means. We know how dependent we are on them and their trust. We know that Trust is hard to build and easily destroyed. We know what destroys Trust. We are glad the Board at McDonald’s does too.

Your NOA Board

PS: Please click the button below to see video footage from last month's 2nd Annual Meeting in Dallas.


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