Land of the Free & Home of the Brave

Dear America,

In the land of the free and home of the brave, McDonald’s serves in good times and bad. We are here to celebrate your gold medals and to mourn your losses. We are here when you need relief from it all or it’s your turn feeding them all. We are your morning routine and your afternoon pickup. We are where you turn to, when you are short on time or short on funds, or both. We are a smile when they are in short supply. We are your classic favorites and your special treat. We are here to serve. But who are we? Who makes up McDonald’s? Who makes those world famous French Fries? Let us introduce you.

McDonald’s is one in eight of you. That’s right, one in eight Americans has at sometime worked at McDonald’s. We are America’s best first job, and second. We are mom’s, dad’s, neighbors, and grandparents. We are all colors. We are working through high school, we are working through college. We are learning English, we are learning Spanish. We are learning team work makes the dream work. We are learning the importance of showing up on time or showing up at all. We are learning what success looks like and what hard work will do. We are Jay Leno, Carl Lewis, Shania Twain, and Jeff Bezos. We stay for weeks, months, or years. We move into management and on to fields afar. We learn about leadership, integrity, and community. We take those skills with us wherever we go. We count on each other, as we count on you, counting on us.

And who owns McDonald’s? Who owns the 14,000 restaurants across America? 95% of the McDonald’s are owned by individual franchisees. Owners with stakes in their communities, both inside their restaurants and in their neighborhoods. Owners who know their teams and who have a vested interest in their success. Owners who take pride in our products and the manner with which we serve them. Owners who started themselves where that best first job lies. That first rung of the ladder. Owners who represent what hard work will do. Owners who are visible role models. Visible for that young woman who may not have been cut out for the classroom, but who is a natural born leader. A leader who never got the attention she deserves. She gets it at McDonald’s. She gets to show it, by serving you. We get to show it, by serving you.

McDonald’s means opportunity. It means working from the ground up. It means advancement in the face of adversity. It means the ladder is still available. It means America is still working no matter what happens in Washington. Its our honor to meet you and pleasure to serve you. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Your Friends at McDonald’s,
The National Owners Association


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