Monday, February 25 2019

Dear NOA Members,
We had a terrific election cycle last week. NOA was on full display. As you know, all of our NFLA, OPNAD, and NSLC Leadership are NOA dues paying members. Many of them spoke about the power of NOA and how they plan on utilizing us going forward. We stand ready to support their efforts. Thank you for making NOA possible. We currently have 855 members and would like to see that number grow. Please talk to your neighbors about joining us. Our strength is in our numbers. To join, please follow this link.

Mark Salebra has resigned from the board and he has been replaced with Bob Lane, O/O Wichita, KS. Bob is a longtime Owner and former Chair of the SET Committee. Bob was the chair when we last successfully renegotiated our rebuild policy. He is an outstanding Owner Advocate and will be a tremendous addition to our board. We have our NOA Board elections coming up. The nominating period will be March 8-15. All Board Seats will be up for election. The current slate of directors will be running and there will be two open seats. We welcome all who wish to serve. The voting period will be from March 25-April 1. Your votes will be cast electronically (1 vote per store) and we will announce the results at our April 1 meeting in DC. We will also send out an email for those who cannot attend.

Lastly, we said goodbye to our executive director, John Kujawa. John did a nice job helping us get off the ground. We will be looking for a new director, someone with organizational leadership experience as well as a communications background. Our outside counsel, Carmen Caruso is available to help in John’s absence. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Adam.
Blake Casper

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