NFLA Request - Your Input Needed

Dear Fellow Members,

As many of you know, the NFLA Executive Team has been working closely with McDonald’s Senior Leadership Team on the formation of our 2021-2023 U.S. strategy. This is the most collaborative plan in our history, designed to address the major disrupters in our industry while meeting customers’ needs in key use occasions. In support of the NFLA’s efforts on our behalf, and through our experience in the system, we understand how to successfully move brand McDonald’s into the future – the more ideas and voices involved, the better. That’s where we are asking for your help:

Please take a few minutes to log in to the CorpU discussion board to share your two or three big ideas for how we should move our business forward in 2021 and beyond: 

We have often asked for more opportunities to be heard when it comes to formulating strategy. We see the business at the ground level every day. We and our teams make it happen in the restaurants. And, we have valuable ideas to share as a result of this perspective. In recognition of this, the company is asking all Owner-Operators for our all-important input as we finalize our next three-year path forward – and your Owner-Operator leadership is committed to engage the entire system as we build this strategy together. PLEASE take a moment to make your thoughts and opinions heard. You’ll see numerous posts from others who have already received answers from U.S. President Joe Erlinger, East Zone President Mario Barbosa, West Zone President Skye Anderson, and other members of McDonald’s SLT.

In the coming weeks, you’ll hear more about how your input on system planning is being received and incorporated. If you plan to join us at the upcoming Zone meetings in March, participating in CorpU will be a valuable primer to those in-person discussions designed to make the plan even stronger. And if you missed the first round of engagement on industry disrupters leading up to the holidays last year, you can reference that here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your NFLA Communications Officer, Danielle Marasco ( with any questions. We sincerely hope you’ll join us in sharing your feedback on McDonald’s future direction through this new tool.

Thank You,

Your NOA Board
Blake Casper
Val Netland
Bob Hogan
Larry Tripplett
Michael Retzer Jr.
Joel Pellicci
Robert Lane
Mike Donahue, Executive Director

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