NOA CoOp Representatives

Dear NOA Members,

We are in the process of forming our NOA field structure. We would like one NOA representative per CoOp. The position is simply a liaison between our organization and the local markets. A person who can speak both publicly and privately to the benefits and importance of the NOA. We need more owners joining us and we need your help explaining why they should do so. We will also need our NOA reps when local issues arise and you need the NOA’s help. NOA’s strength is the depth, breadth, and accuracy of our feedback. We need your help insuring it’s just so. You can sign up here. Thanks for your support of the NOA.

Happy Easter,
Your NOA Board

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  • The noa should try to gather local information on operators with the purpose of tapping into overlooked talent. Particularly in Stamford coop where operator leadership is rather stale and not creative. Thank you

    Theodore zafiris

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