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Dear NOA Members,

On behalf of the entire NOA Board, thank you for participating in the first All NOA Member call last Saturday. Nearly 900 of our 1,200 members dialed in to the over 2 hour call that was dedicated to addressing what members can be doing to advocate for Owners both externally on Government Relations issues and internally to support the comprehensive NFLA-produced Owner Economic Relief Plan. The call covered a variety of timely updates from various subject matter experts that we have recapped below:

NOA Economic Advocacy Plan Reviewed by NOA Leadership

NOA leadership highlighted the endorsed-Advocacy plan, both internally and externally. The elements detailed in the gold button below have been widely communicated to NOA CoOp Liaisons and Members to support the respective GR and NFLA priorities.

The NFLA Economic Team and NFCA has yet again diligently compiled a comprehensive plan proposing ten major recommendations for management to support the major needs of Owners. The Economic Relief Plan was provided by Kevin O'Brien and others from NFLA, along with the other top five "Immediate Needs" (linked in same gold button). The NOA Advocacy overview provides recommendations to follow to continue to support the respective initiatives.
Click Here - NOA Advocacy & NFLA Economic Relief Plans
NOA Chair Blake Casper & NFLA Chair Mark Salebra Provide Organization Updates

NOA Members heard directly from Owner leaders speaking directly to their organization's respective priorities that are very much aligned to support one another. Blake talked about the NOA's priority of marshaling all members on the key advocacy issues, ensuring Owner voices are heard both in legislative chambers and at MHQ. He outlined the efforts to ensure Owners are anticipating the needs for liquidity through the new SBA PPP plan and "first in line" with applications as soon as the program is launched. An important long term strategy for NOA was highlighted, including a recommendation for Owners to increase their ownership position of the brand by purchasing McDonald's stock.

Mark Salebra provided a candid assessment of the "survival mode" that Owners are in together and how NFLA is addressing the immediate and longer-term issues, in proper sequence with the company.  He explained the immediate priorities on the NFLA agenda including cash flow, menu changes, decision rights, HR support on all compliance issues for new programs, the efforts to postpone or stop drafts and support for getting vendors to reimburse Owners on any delayed projects. He expressed that NFLA will continue to push for requested abatements and deferments as things progress and the magnitude of the "Asks" are fully understood as we learn more about the duration of the crisis ahead.

Kevin O'Brien provided a thorough update on the work of the NFLA Finance Team along with the support of the NFCA accountants. He outlined all the provisions in the plan provided, the efforts to support Owners in all financial aspects and dealings.

COVID19 Financial Planning Guide & SBA Payroll Protection Act (PPP) Summaries

The entire GR Team of Owners and staff worked overtime to make sure the CARES Act was passed with as much support to help with liquidity and payroll relief initiatives. The NFLA NPSAG Team Lead and David Bear (Economics Team) directed a PPP sub-team to develop the information all Owners would need to access the stimuli funds. Last Sunday, leaders from the GR Team (Blake), the NFLA Economics Team, NFCA, and McD's Treasury team held a lenders conference call. The top 15 banks/lender servicing Owners talked with all key stakeholders to make sure the vision of all McDonald's Owners and their support system understand and will be ready on "Day 1" to apply and qualify for the critical stimulus funds available through the SBA. Suffice it to say, your leaders are all making sure to leave no stone unturned when helping Owners access this much-needed funding.

Since Saturday, teams have been working OT on preparing the technical information and tools needed by Owners to understand the impact they are receiving. Make no mistake, the content work is driven by the respective NFLA teams working as appropriate with vendors, corporate counterparts and other experts. They are sending you this information separately, but we have agreed to help distribute this critical information.

Tool #1 for Owners: COVID19 Financial Planning Guide:  The 34-page guide, prepared by the NFLA Economics Team along with the SCTOA Business Unit, is available by clicking the gold button below. The authors reviewed the entire System to find best bets and ideas from around the country and serves as a comprehensive tool to organize and support Owners as they navigate upcoming business decisions.
Click Here - Covid-19 Financial Planning Guide
HOT:  Updates On Preparing for the SBA PPP for Owners (Will launch this Friday)

The NOA has prioritized our advocacy efforts focusing on the most important Congressional action to support business owners in the history of the country. As Chair of the NFLA GR Committee, Blake Casper worked with his broad-based Owner teams from NFLA, NFCA and McDonald's Treasury. U.S. Congressman and McDonald's Owner, Kevin Hern, has been a stalwart supporter of small businesses and continues to help provide critical information and advocacy for the SBA to launch this program in the least "governmental" manner of red-tape and bureaucracy. All of Washington, DC knows how important successful stimulus execution provided to small businesses is to economic recovery.

IMPORTANT ALL OWNER ALERT:  Last night the President announced the SBA PPP Program will be launched on Friday. Word is the applications are being printed now. Please review the attached documents that have been prepared for Owners. Contact information and actions steps for your preparation are included. Please know that all your elected Owner Leaders and the NOA Leadership will make sure to align and provide important all system updates this week as the Applications become available.
Click Here - US Treasury Paycheck Protection Program
Click Here - NFLA March 31 Email & Attachments
NOA All Member Additional Highlights
  • OPNAD Leadership Update:  To complete the call for All NOA members the agenda included important updates from your OPNAD Chair Vicki Chancellor who updated on all existing brand strategies during the crisis and to preserve resources for when it is time to rebound from the current crisis. Vicki also took direct questions on key menu and drink decisions as we determine limited menu execution.
  • Supply Chain Management Leadership Report:  Jon Kelley, Chair of the National Supplier Leadership Council continues to be an incredible asset for supporting and protecting Owners. Jon highlighted the most recent details and pointed Owners to the respective sites that exist to give them daily updates as he answered their questions.
  • Valley Bank Support:  During times of crisis, strong leaders always have contingency plans as needed. NOA leadership has been partnering with the Valley Bank who have exceptional knowledge and relationships with the SBA. Valley Bank understands that Owners are required to work with their primary lenders but remain available to advise NOA on key developments from the inside. They will also be expediting PPP SBA applications for many of their own customers and will be available to Owners that may need alternative support for whatever reason. Contact NOA for more information. We thank Valley Bank for their willingness to jump in early and help guide some of our GR and research initiatives.
    NOA All Member Q&A Session--Open, Active Transparency--Membership Update
The NOA Board and all leadership involved relish addressing the most direct and candid questions from NOA Members. Currently, NOA has 1,200 Renewed or New members with 36 new or renewed members in the last two weeks alone. Participants will tell you that there is an open, transparent culture with no question or concern considered off the grid. We encourage the culture and symbolism of Ray Kroc's "War Room" if needed when the going is toughest. We don't have to agree on everything, but we must value the ability to disagree debate and at the end compromise in the best interest of the entire system. We can always disagree, without being disagreeable.

We believe this Recap & Update will provide all Owners with a "One Stop Shop" on all the latest information....with more coming soon, including information on the SBA PPP PROGRAM.

All the best during this tumultuous time for all of us.

Your NOA Board,

Blake Casper
Val Netland
Bob Hogan
Larry Tripplett
Michael Retzer Jr.
Joel Pellicci
Robert Lane
Mike Donahue, Executive Director

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