NOA Member Update

Dear Members,

The NOA Board met last week and we are happy to report the Association’s work on your behalf. Our priorities are your priorities and your priorities alone. We exist to advocate on behalf of the McDonald's Owner/Operator. To bring back the culture of collaboration that has made McDonald’s the franchise system that all others want to emulate. We thank Mark Salebra for attending and for his leadership as the NFLA Chair. The alignment and working relationship remain exceptionally strong and properly focused between the NOA and NFLA thanks to Mark and his team.

We covered several issues but the most important was the selection of our Executive Director. The board unanimously approved the hiring of Mike Donahue. You may remember Mike from his twenty years with McDonald’s Corporation in various roles. His last was on the US Senior Management Team as Chief Communications and Customer Satisfaction Officer when Mike Roberts was U.S. President. That was the leadership team that worked diligently with Owner/Operator Leadership to execute the "Plan to Win" that renewed the brand and demonstrated the power of mutual support.

It was important to the board that Mike’s first eleven years were in the Government Relations Department where he worked side by side with Owner/Operators to defeat onerous legislative proposals and pass many that supported the entire system. Mike’s work in GR led to his being promoted to several other positions working on brand issues with Owner/Operators to proactively address issues important to our customers and in supply chain, thus making sure our three legged stool was very strong and balanced no matter what the challenges, internal or external. It was a powerful recipe that delivered years of stellar results. We welcome and look forward to his leadership. He will help take us to the next level. If you would like to reach out to Mike his NOA email is

Our Communications Coordinator and NOA Liaisons were also selected. We welcome former Owner, Teri Nelson to the team as Communications Coordinator. Teri brings not only her owner/operator experience but her extensive work with the Women’s Operator Network. Along with Teri, we have most of the NOA Liaisons from each CoOp appointed. We will be communicating the list soon. Thanks to all who volunteered for the position. It’s vital that we have a strong link to all of our CoOps. We value your input and the more we hear from you, the better the NOA works. We are building our platform so that your voice will never be lost again. A platform that works seamlessly with all advocacy and leadership groups. A support for those groups as we ensure we are involved in all decisions affecting us. And a support for our owners as we must live with those decisions. It is a two-way street.

Lastly, we worked on the upcoming October 7th & 8th Dallas meeting. This will be another fantastic meeting you will not want to miss. You can register by clicking here. It will be a terrific two days with leadership operators, surprise guests, suppliers, and lots of questions. Questions that are only welcomed at an NOA meeting. Thanks for supporting the National Owners Association. Let’s do this.

Your Supporting (and Questioning) NOA Board.

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