NOA State Of The Union

Dear Fellow NOA Members,

We are off to a great start to the new year and new decade. Your NOA Board met last week to set our strategy for 2020. Prioritizing our efforts in order to fulfill our mission, “leading together again”. It’s worth restating, we are the National Owners Association, we are the owners of this great brand. We are the stewards, and now more than ever, we are the conscience of the system. Plenty of stakeholders have interest in our brand, but no one has skin in the game like we do. We are the last line of defense for all of those that want to damage it. That want to use it for their own gain or agenda. We will not let them. We will not let the Arches down. Fred taught us how to make a difference, he taught us that whatever we do, we do it for the brand.

As an Association we must continue to evolve and to look for ways to support each other in our efforts to shine the Arches. As Jim Cantalupo once said “what was extraordinary yesterday, is ordinary today, is unacceptable tomorrow.” As an Association, we must do the same. We must strive for excellence today and continuous improvement tomorrow. We must find new ways to help develop the next generation of leadership who will keep this great brand shining bright.

We are the voice of the field. We are the light shining back at MHQ. A light that does not go out unless we let it. We are the ultimate check in the routine of check’s and balances. We are the safeguard of the truth. No one can do this like we can. We set the example. Charlie Bell once said “My philosophy in all my jobs at McDonald’s has been to be honest, to say what I mean and mean what I say.” We couldn’t agree more. Your NOA Board unanimously approved a motion to place a McDonald’s Owner/Operator on the McDonald’s Board of Directors. A motion to be remembered for years to come. A motion that promises the best is yet to come for McDonald’s. Your voice is important and everyone will benefit from it. Fred, Jim, and Charlie would be listening (and cheering us on).

Your NOA Board
Blake Casper
Val Netland
Bob Hogan
Larry Tripplett
Michael Retzer Jr.
Joel Pellicci
Robert Lane
Mike Donahue, Executive Director


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