NOA & System Update

Dear NOA Members,

As you know from listening to Monday’s webcasts, your regional calls, Owner Leadership communications, and participation that once again during a national crisis the McDonald's System is at it's finest when we all work collaboratively together. There is a tremendous amount that has been done already at all levels and we are grateful for the leadership. We thank so many that have risen to the occasion.

As NOA Members, we are committed to advocating externally and internally in a positive, candid and transparent manner on the most pressing needs for all Owners who may not have the resources or ability to speak up on the multitude of complicated issues facing us daily, and more urgently during times of such crisis. We are aligned with our elected leaders at NFLA, OPNAD, NSCL, WON, PRIDE, NBMOA, HMOA, and AMOA.

With respect to have been sent a summary of what the company is working on now to support Owners financially manage through the various hardships we are currently facing. We are relying on the company to provide significant financial relief to help owners pay for federally mandated sick time and family leave obligations during this time of crisis.

We are also writing to encourage all Owners to "Tell Your Story"  and unique needs in response to the survey they sent out after the call. (See link below).

The NFLA Economics Leadership team with strong support from all Owner Leaders is continuing to negotiate in critical areas such as what is going to be considered:
  1. On rent and service fees during the worst of the crisis,
  2. With OPNAD leaders as they are discussing the same on fees and,
  3. What can be done on freezing existing projects from BBV2020 or EOTF?

The company continues to review the NFLA Economic Relief & Health Crisis/National Disaster Plan with great resolve to figure out solutions for both parties. Now is the time to fill out the survey and let the company know "your story and your situation" so they can address and try to accommodate all Owners as they have said in the desire to not leave one Owner behind.

Thank you for your consideration. Click Here to take the time to fill out the survey today so that your voice is heard!

Your NOA Board;

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