Our All American Roster

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. The much coveted McDonald’s All American Roster was released. North Carolina, Duke, and Kentucky took the top spots with the most recruits on the list. It’s our 43rd year recognizing the best High School Basketball players in the US. We have spotted talent from Michael Jordan, to Kobe Bryant, to LeBron James and all are honored to be in the exclusive club. It’s one more incredible McDonald’s tradition, one of many that make our brand exceptional.

Our Coke products are exceptional and got news coverage this week. The article correctly recognized that coke tastes better at McDonald’s. The reporter dug into how and why. How our water baths are ice cold, how the carbonation is stronger, what keeps the brix just right, and why people love our straws. She didn’t get it all right, they don’t know all of the secrets. She didn’t comment on why we sell the best tasting coke for only a $1. There are some things that we will keep to ourselves (along with the debates). There is something special about the Coke and McDonald’s relationship. Some thing that comes with 65 years of history. We need to keep pressing on the relationship, making sure it works for both of us. We want to sell more drinks at McDonald’s and Coke can help. There is a special meeting with Coke this week in order to do just that. Your NOA Board looks forward to hearing the results and selling more drinks at McDonald’s.

We celebrated MLK and all that he stood for.  A new book is out, “Franchise; The Golden Arches in Black America” by Marcia Chatelain. It’s a great story of our brand’s complicated relationship with the African American community. Marcia gives an in depth history of that relationship. An ongoing relationship that is far from over. Where we have made mistakes, where we got it right, and where we have work to do. But the fact that Marcia had plenty of material (and wrote the book) speaks to the importance of the relationship. McDonald’s needs the African American community, along with all of our diversity groups, more than ever. We are the big tent, we welcome all, and we rely on all to keep the tent posts standing.

McDonald’s will announce earnings this coming week. We expect them to be strong. We hope they are. A strong McDonald’s Corporation is good for the brand. A strong McDonald’s Franchisee community is good for the brand. A strong McDonald’s supplier community is good for the brand. The stronger the three legs, the stronger the stool. Our customers ultimately determine the strength of the brand. If we are serving them products they crave and doing it at the blazing fast speed only McDonald’s can deliver, we win. We win every time. The All American way.

Your holding the tent pole high,

NOA Board
Blake Casper
Val Netland
Bob Hogan
Larry Tripplett
Michael Retzer Jr.
Joel Pellicci
Robert Lane
Mike Donahue, Executive Director

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