Our Heroes

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. Our Thank You Meals to America’s first responders and healthcare workers have made a difference. We have fed over 5 million of our nation’s finest, heroes serving heroes. It doesn’t get any better. And speaking of heroes, we owe David Bear a cape. David and his team have done an incredible job helping us navigate this new world of government involvement. David’s story of his dad saving a drowning Ray Kroc will never be forgotten. It’s a fantastic reminder for us all. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s acting in-spite of it. David’s action should be an inspiration for us all. We all have a super hero moment in us, and McDonald’s is the perfect place to bring it.

There was plenty of reopening talk this week. We will need plenty of courage for the brave new world we are entering. The landscape will be forever changed and we must adapt. Our customers and crews will be looking towards us for safety and certainty. We must do our best to provide both. Cleanliness has always been part of our DNA. It’s even more critical now. We must provide an environment that allows both our customers and our crews to interact safely. We must hold ourselves to the highest food safety standards. We must lead in a time of conflicting governmental ordinances and social media scares. Doing all of this while still making the magic of McDonald’s shine through. Still delivering happiness. Because that’s what heroes at McDonald’s do. That’s the promise of McDonald’s. And America needs it’s heroes now more than ever.

Lastly a shout out to Ebrahim Maghsoud. Ebrahim reminded us of the power of McDonald’s on Friday’s webcast. He reminded us that when we are united, there is no stopping McDonald’s. That the three legged stool will hold no matter the pressure we are under. We came together this week to support those that are risking it all for us. We are all taking risk in this brave new world and no one will get through this time without sacrifice. We will gladly make ours on behalf of those that serve us. Our true heroes are serving on our frontlines. They are risking their own lives to keep the promise of McDonald’s alive. They are our All Americans and they are our heroes. We stand with them and are honored to be in their company. We are honored to be in yours.

Your “looking forward” NOA Board

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