BBV 2020 Update

Dear Fellow Owners,

In effort to support our elected leaders who represent our interests and points of view, as promised, the NOA would like to share the following urgent update. The NLC is currently in negotiations on our behalf as it relates to the evolution of BBV2020. We understand the NLC responded to McDonald’s with their demands and suggested timeline. However, the Company is now emailing extension letters, asking for new recasting of projects (Sam Walls), and including demands with regards to the new financing options. All of which require time and study!

Our position at the NOA is DO NOT sign and commit to any new projects or financial decisions until the NLC has had the time to negotiate on your behalf. This specifically supports the NLC’s request to delay these decisions for at least 90 days. To put it bluntly, stop everything that is not currently in the works. The NLC has responded to the Company’s changes and is demanding more. Again, we are working together for the health and unity of our entire operator body.

The results of the NOA SAM Wall Survey are below. The opposition is overwhelming. The survey size may not be large, but neither are the number of Sam Walls in our restaurants...yet. Let’s keep it that way!

No one is against investing in our restaurants, but we do not want to repeat the mistakes we made in 2018. We can NOT afford the waste that a “one size fits all” reinvestment program creates. We must allow our owner operators to take back control of the reinvestment that is happening, stop the useless and problematic investing (Sam Walls), and focus our reinvestment in what will actually produce a return on investment (drive thrus and kitchens).

Best Regards,
Your NOA Board