Big Apple, Big Mac, Big Family

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was another busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. We opened a new flagship restaurant in Times Square. There is nothing like the Big Apple and nothing like the Big Mac in the middle of it all. Steve gave a behind the scenes tour with CNBC. It was a great interview where Steve discussed how we are winning with our customers and spoke frankly about our disciplined approach to new products. That hype and buzz alone are not business cases. That we must make sure the juice is worth the squeeze and just because we can doesn’t mean we should.  

Steve also addressed something much more serious, our employment relations. The relationship we have with our managers and crews. The work environment in our restaurants and behind our counters. While we own 95% of the restaurants, we appreciate Steve and the corporation’s help painting this relationship in a positive light. For providing the latest tools and training to ensure the best work environment. For defending the opportunities we offer at McDonald’s. For making McDonald’s the #1 educational institution in America (credit Charlie Munger).  

But our perspective is different. We are much closer to the store, closer to the relationship. We live it everyday. Our teams are our families. Our restaurants are an extension of our homes. And so when we see others condemning our people practices, describing our relationships in predatory and disgraceful terms, it gives us pause. Pause to make sure what they say is not true. That we are clear that conduct has no place at McDonald’s, no place in our relationships. But it is also motivating. Motivating us to tell our story. To share the hundreds of thousands of real McDonald’s employment stories. The lives that are forever changed because of the opportunities under the Golden Arches. The skills that we teach at a level no other company does. The hope that we offer when hope is in short supply. The love that we spread. We may not be missionaries, but we do missionary work. To see our crew and managers grow and develop, to see them blossom. It’s the most rewarding part of the job. It’s the best part of the show. They are our best response to our critics and they are damn good at what they do. So are you.  

Your “Lovin my McJob” NOA Chair,

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