Business Leadership Summit

Dear Fellow Owners,

The BLS (Business Leadership Summit) was held last week. BLS is the Big Pow Wow where all Owner and Company Leadership get together. The officer elections took place and as you know, NOA played a big role in the outcomes. Our very own, Mark Salebra and Vicki Chancellor won the Chairs of the NFLA and OPNAD respectively. Ebrahim Maghsoud (Vice Chair, Franchising), Kevin Obrien (Finance Officer), Danielle Marasco (Communications Officer), Joe Jasper (Restaurant Officer) round out the officer group. This team along with the Diversity Leads and the NSLC have already begun their work. Their priorities are our priorities. They are united and they are ready to lead. Their first order of business is fixing BBV2020. The Company has agreed to postpone sending out the BBV2020 extension letters until further negotiations can take place. This is a big step and a sign that the company will work with us, especially when we speak with one voice. Mark and the team will be looking for our input and you can expect NOA surveys soon.

Martin Brower announced a price increase last week. For some DC’s, it’s the highest per case price increase in years. We will spare you our thoughts (outrage) on our suppliers guaranteed return on investment while we enjoy no such guarantee. The bottom line is their costs are going up and so are ours. We must be able to pass these increases along to our customers and because of D123, we can’t. While some changes are being made to D123, Dollar Drinks remains. For many of us, Dollar Drinks does not improve traffic and has a major impact on gross margin. Giving away margin is not a luxury we can afford.

Better Chicken was a platform called out by BBV2020. Anyone with a Chick Fil A nearby knows the power of a great Chicken Sandwich (and good service). Flash Fry Chicken has been halted (it’s too complicated and expensive) but we still need a better Chicken Sandwich. Tom Wolf, O/O in Huntington, WV has an idea worth exploring. It goes back to our Southern Style Chicken days with a buttered bun and a foil bag. We can hold them in a warming bin, we can prepare them with our existing equipment, and serve them at blazing fast speed. These are the kind of solutions that we need our Owners bringing to Mark and the team. Tom isn’t the only one with a good idea out there, you do too.

Congratulations again to Mark and Vicki. It’s a new day at McDonald’s. We are just getting warmed up.

See you in the Drive Thru,
NOA Board