December 14, 2018

Dear Fellow Owners,

We held our historic meeting in Dallas where over 1,200 owners and suppliers gathered. Thank you to all who joined us. We discussed all aspects of the business, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We talked about the many ways our owner operators have contributed in the past and the ways we plan on doing so again. The importance of owner advocacy and specific examples of advocacy in action.


One meeting will not solve all of our issues but it is a step in re-establishing our voice with our brand. Raising the real questions on our all of our minds. Why our Franchisor charges rent and service fees on delivery revenue we never receive? Why the Sam Wall continues to be pushed when there is overwhelming opposition to it?  How we got to the euro decor designs we are limited to. Why was Ronald McDonald eliminated and what is the vision for local engagement with our brand? Why didn't we ask our customers and owners before eliminating styrofoam cups? Why don’t we come up with a better alternative? How are we going to get back to the speed of McDonald’s? How will we grow margins in 2019? All require further dialogue and further advancement by all our owners. The NOA is committed to working through our established leadership bodies in order to do so.


The meeting in Dallas was a reminder of what the family of McDonald’s feels like. The incredible bond between our owners. How fun is the key ingredient to our McDonald’s success. Where we take our business seriously but not ourselves. The NOA’s number one priority is restoring our culture of collaboration and respectful dialogue. As Peter Drucker said “Culture eats Strategy for lunch.” We saw some great examples of great McDonalds brand marketing. Where we are speaking once again to the emotional connection with our customers. It’s hard to have an emotional connection with our customers if we don’t have one with ourselves. Dallas made a big step in restoring that emotional connection. It reminded us all why we do what we do and why we love McDonald’s.


Here is just one video we saw... Anthem. We will have more videos from the meeting coming soon. We hope you will join us even if you couldn’t make the meeting. Thanks for all that you do for brand McDonald’s and for keeping the Arches shining bright.

Best Regards,
The NOA Board