December 25, 2018 - Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here and I want to thank everyone for all the hard work in 2018. It was an interesting year to put it mildly. We did a tremendous amount of work on and in our restaurants. Although our results might not show it yet, we will benefit from much of the work. That doesn’t mean we didn’t need to change the plan. As the philosopher Mike Tyson so eloquently put it “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. We went from a nationalized, one size fits all, no questions asked plan to a much more discussed, with more local flexibility, and much more of your engagement and control plan. And we have more work to do. 2018 and BBV2020 will go down as the failed experiment of reducing our relationship to a contract. Where we went from collaboration to “running the play” and back again. 2019 will be the year of the “the three legged stool” supercharged. Where we treat each other as equals and where we learn from each other, where we come to solutions together. Where we stop doing things that make no sense and start doing the things that work for our customers and crews.

Thanks to the NLC, OPNAD, NSLC, our Coops, and all of the Diversity Groups for their hard work this year. A special shout out to the diversity groups for leading the way with respect to Advocacy. They never forgot who they represent. It’s been a challenging year for everyone given the amount of change. It’s been a year of questions and uncertainty. Its been a year of goodbyes to many of our brands’ best. We wish them well as they wish us well. One last thank you to Chris K. Chris has unified the owner/operator community like no other McDonald’s US President. He has brought us together and for that we should be thankful. Now it’s up to us to use that unity for the health of our brand. It’s up to us to carry on the great American legacy that is McDonald’s.

When I am not getting my philosophy lessons from Mike Tyson, I look to my Four Year old. She loves the movie “Small Foot”. It’s a great film. It reminds me of our relationship with the corporation right now. It’s about two groups who have different perspectives, different motives, different languages. They look different and they could easily destroy each other. But not to worry Chris, it has a happy ending and one we could all learn from. Be sure to turn up the volume, the soundtrack is great.

Merry Christmas from your “still looking for a happy ending” friend,