Dignity in Work

Dear Fellow Owners,

It has been a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. We celebrated Labor Day this week. The Secretary of Labor wrote an Opinion Piece on the dignity of work. He talked about how all work is dignified and how all workers should be celebrated. That when we honor work, we honor our country.  For America was built by work. We are a country of laborers.  We rejected the European Model of Aristocracy and Elites.  America went its own way and blazed the path of equality and opportunity. McDonald’s did too. We celebrate our crews and managers, everyday. We recognize their great work, everyday.  We thank them.

It’s fitting that we announced our new workforce training last week. It’s a major step in supporting our most precious asset. We protect what matters, and our people matter most. Thank you to Melissa Kersey, David Costa, and Dorothy Stingley for working on this new initiative. Thank you for seeing that we all are equipped with the most up to date training. That we are confident in handling the most difficult and dire situations.  Being in the middle of it all takes work. Hard work. Our society is more fractured than ever and if the middle is going to hold, it’s going to take every one of us holding on. It’s going to take McDonald’s doing what we do best. What we do like no one else. Food, folks and fun...at MyMcDonald’s.

Our NOA Dallas meeting is one month away. We are grateful to our sponsors. Thank you to QsrSoftAltrua and DTIQ. We are are also excited to have so many joining us. To celebrate our McFamily and take the pulse of our owners. To take the pulse of each other. We gather to honor the work of McDonald’s. To honor our culture of collaboration. To show the work being done on your behalf, so we can do the work on our customers behalf. America deserves a break, we are here to give it to them. That’s our work.  

Your “working” NOA Board

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