Diversity & The Arches

Dear Fellow Owners,

It’s been a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. The BBV2020 extension letters have been issued. We at NOA recommend signing them. We may not like the accompanying language nor the additional red tape in our relationship, but the amendment is an improvement. It’s the original contract that’s the issue, not the amended one. This should give us all pause before engaging in overarching contracts in the future.

We made the news last week. It’s flattering the press covers us so well. That the American Public wants to know what goes on behind the Golden Arches. Transparency is the buzz word these days. Everyone demands it. Everyone wants to know what goes in it, how it’s made, who serves it. Why we do it. Who we are. It’s not easy being in the spotlight. Not easy operating under the microscope. How do we tell our story?

John Love did a good job telling our story with “McDonald’s; Behind the Arches.” His first chapter was devoted to a key finding; diversity. John was amazed to find the incredible diversity of individuals at McDonald’s, both corporate and franchisee. Diversity of not just race, but of religion, of sex, of opinions. Diversity at a time when there was little of it in society. McDonald’s success formula was and is our diversity. What stunned him was the paradox. Here was a brand which stood for standardized uniformity. Whose consistency was the visible formula for success. But behind the curtain was a Pandora’s box of diversity. What he witnessed shocked him. That all of these characters could pull off the most successful restaurant company in the world (and going strong!!).

Debate requires diversity. A Ray Kroc quote describes it “if we both agree, than one of us is redundant.” Debate is messy, milk gets spilt. We had a good one this week. It won’t be the last. There are no easy answers. We need to hash out the issues and do it so we are all involved. So we get to the right solutions. Solutions that incorporate our diversity and deliver at the restaurant level. Delivering at the moment of truth is our ultimate goal. Our diversity ensures we do.   

Lastly, we welcome a new Royal Baby to the world. We might have fought for our independence but we still love the royals. Everyone has their favorite royal, ours just got christened.   

Your “waiting for Archie’s first visit” NOA Chair,

P.S. Please send us your McFamily pictures.