Easter, Passover & the McDonald's Way

Dear Fellow Owners,

It’s another holiday at McDonald’s, our hometown. A holiday that celebrates new beginnings, redemption, and forgiveness. Thank God for forgiveness and thank God for those traveling this weekend. They are hungry. There is nothing like traveling or being cooped up with family to make you look for the Golden Arches. For many of us, our restaurants are our family. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries in our crew rooms and wherever else we can find space. Our restaurants may not be conducive to Easter Egg hunts (maybe they are), but they are great for celebrating. Happy Easter (and Passover) to you and your family, both inside and outside McDonald’s.

While the rest of the world may slow down for Easter, we don’t. This week we welcomed back Karen Garcia to our family. Karen’s resume speaks for itself, but we would like to highlight her Restaurant Management experience. Many years ago, she ran the McDonald’s across from Ray Kroc‘s San Diego office. If you are curious what it’s like to have Ray as your #1 customer, ask Karen. It’s fascinating stuff. Karen also knew Fred Turner. Karen is a restauranteur with a direct link to our brand’s philosophical founders. A philosophy otherwise known as the three legged stool. It’s good to have Karen back. It’s good she took us back.   

We have had other good changes, recently announced. The overnight menu reduction and the elimination of Signature Crafted start us down a path of menu simplification. Menu’s are like trees, without proper trimming, they become unhealthy. Simplified menu’s make it easier to order for our customers and easier to execute for our crews. It’s a win-win. Except if we eliminate your favorite product. That’s when we need the discipline and the conviction of Fred’s “greatest good for the greatest number.” We aren’t going to make everyone happy in every way, but we can make many people happy in our way. The McDonald’s way.  

There are more issues to resolve, more questions to address. Your NFLA is hard at work. What’s the latest with BBV2020, what's the deal with the GEL, how much longer are we doing $1 drinks, where is our only at McDonald’s chicken sandwich, what's going on with our decor options, how do we keep our drive thru’s moving, and many more questions. We would like to get your feedback. What would you like our leaders working on? What are your priorities? Please fill out the survey here to make your voice heard.  

We would also ask that if you haven’t joined the NOA, you consider doing so. Click here to join. We have over 1,100 owners as dues-paying members but our goal will always be 100% participation. Every owner, every restaurant is vital, and with every added voice we are stronger. The more members, the more powerful and unified our voice becomes. It’s through unity that we win.  Both with our partners and our customers. It’s the McDonald’s way, it’s the American Way. E Pluribus Unum.

God Bless McDonald’s and the USA,
Your NOA Board