Happy 4th of July

Dear Fellow Owners,

Happy 4th of July!! Today we celebrate America. We celebrate our independence from the British. We celebrate the start of an experiment that’s been winning for 243 years. We fought for our freedom, for our liberty. We fought to govern ourselves and to try what at the time was a radical idea. A government for the people by the people, a democratic free market with no kings. A country where Horatio Alger is revered. A country which celebrates success and doesn’t resent it. We are a proud nation with plenty to be proud of. We are at our best when we work together. We are at our best when we are on common ground. The 4th of July is common ground and so are the Golden Arches.

Our founding fathers put a unique right into our Declaration of Independence, “the pursuit of happiness”.  This is where McDonald’s comes in. We are as All American as Apple Pie, but we are more than world famous French Fries. We are where you get to enjoy those Fries. We represent happiness and the freedom to be happy. It’s been our right since 1776, we put it on the menu in 1955. It’s hard to go to McDonald’s and not be happy. It’s why everyday is the 4th of July for us. It’s why the Golden Arches and the American Flag go so well together. Happy Birthday America...from your family at McDonald’s.  

Your NOA Chair,