Happy Father's Day

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. The first round of our summer Drive Thru competition wrapped up. Congratulations to the winners who are building the business in our drive thru’s. Our drive thru’s provide convenience and speed. Wendy’s may have invented the Drive Thru, but we perfected it. We took it to the next level and we need to do it again. Thank you to Owners, Susan and John Cowgill who have pioneered “Roll Forward.” Roll Forward is a new approach to maximizing our Drive Thru’s, a new way to keep America moving. While Roll Forward is a great way to increase capacity in our Drive Thru’s, nothing puts a smile on our customers face like a good old fashioned HBO. It puts a smile on our crews’ face too. America is in a hurry, we are here to help.

Our last NOA Sunday e-mail talked about our crew and managers in our restaurants. As Fred put it “our heart and soul.” We received a tremendous amount of emails highlighting your teams in our restaurants. Our real life examples of what really happens in a McDonald’s Restaurant. The team work, the teaching, the coaching, the building of community. It happens when a 16 year old realizes the team is counting on him (and needs to show up on time), it happens when a single mom trusts again, it happens when you get a chance to start over in life, it happens with the thrill of reaching a goal you never really thought could happen. It happens everyday at McDonald’s. We want to capture these moments, these stories, our communities. Please click here to share with everyone what really happens at McDonald’s. Who we are. It’s critical that we do. That we finally tell our story. That we hold up for everyone to see, the great work that goes on in a McDonalds. Our greatest asset, Our All Americans. #wearemcdonalds.

A new book is out, “Dignity - Seeking Respect in Back Row America” by Chris Arnade. Chris was on the front row of the Financial Crisis. He was a Wall Street trader who got curious about what was on the other side of the wall. The other side of America, far from the upper echelons of ivy leagues and Manhattan skyscrapers. He used McDonald’s as his way to travel through America. An America he had worked hard to leave behind. He grew to appreciate what we do everyday at McDonald’s. Who we are to so many people who may not have much, but who we don’t give up on. That doesn’t mean we pity those that have fallen on hard times nor do we lower our expectations. At all times, we maintain a safe, clean, friendly environment in our restaurants for our crew and customers. But we don’t judge and we keep the doors open. Chris tells the tragic story of an America that is struggling. We need to tell the story of how McDonald’s is a beacon of hope. Please send us your stories.

Lastly, a shout out to our Pebble Beach Owners, Suzette and Landon Hoffman. They are hosting the 119th US Open from their front door. The very best golfers in the world are competing for the sterling silver trophy (almost as coveted as our Drive Thru trophy). And Dads all over the country are watching. We thank you for playing the part.

Happy Father’s Day,
Your NOA Board