January 1, 2019 - Happy New Year!

Dear Fellow Owners,
The new year is here and we will soon be selecting new leadership.  The NFLA Officer elections will be held in Mid-February and your friends at NOA will be hosting a town hall with the candidates on January 28th.  It will be live cast on our website, nationalownersassociation.com  The forum will give everyone an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates.  Our own NSLC Chair, Jon Kelley has agreed to moderate.  Given how much is at stake, it’s critical that we are all engaged in this important election.  While we do not directly cast a vote for the Officers of the NFLA, we do have representatives who do vote.  This Town Hall will give you an opportunity to form your own opinion on who our next leader should be.  Watch and then let your representative know what you think. 
A new year brings new opportunities and new ideas.  We are looking for the best ideas out there to help guide our future planning.  If anyone has any best bets, please pass them along to your friends at NOA.  We would like to become the repository for great ideas.  We also want to be a source for feedback.  The Sam Wall continues to be a hot topic.  Our next survey is focused on the merits of the Sam Wall.  Please give us your feedback here.  We will also have our monthly Sales Survey.  We hope that this will become a monthly habit for everyone.
Lastly, we wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new year.  Going back to our Scottish McDonald’s roots, we thought everyone would enjoy Rod Stewart’s version of “Auld Lang Syne.”  It seems fitting that we would start the new year with Robert Burns’s poem and his rhetorical question, “should old acquaintances be forgotten?”  Robert Burns’s answer was a resounding no and a call to remember long standing friendships.  May 2019 be a year of friendship and fellowship at McDonald’s.  May we once again hold up the great American standard that is McDonald’s. 
Your Friends at NOA,
The NOA Board of Directors