Leadership & The Arches

Dear Fellow Owners,

It’s been a busy couple weeks at McDonald’s, our hometown. The National Black McDonald’s Operators Association held their annual meeting in Houston. The NBMOA was the first National Operators Association at McDonald’s started 47 years ago. The NBMOA led and leads the way in advocating for their members and does it with class. They share best practices, support each other with business challenges, and represent the best of the McFamily. They also represent one of the largest African American Entrepreneurial Organizations in the United States. Larry Tripplett, Tanya Hill-Holliday and the entire NBMOA exemplify the very best of McDonald’s. We all are better because of their work and to some degree, we all follow in their footsteps. Our thanks to the NBMOA and congrats on 47 years.

Leadership is fundamental to any organization’s success. Leadership has always come in very different forms at McDonald’s. Developing leaders is a core strength of McDonald’s. We do it everyday in our restaurants, in our divisional offices, and at MHQ. We have had different leaders in different places in different times. The system is strong because of this diversity. What all successful leaders at McDonald’s have in common is an ability to balance the complexity of the system while moving it forward. They also have had fun while doing it. It’s easier said then done. We can all get better at it. We are green and growing. We are leaders in the leading restaurant brand in the world.

The second annual NOA meeting starts tomorrow in Dallas, TX. It’s been an incredible year at McDonald’s. A year when the field got its voice back at McDonald’s. Where our priorities aligned with the companies, aligned with our suppliers, aligned with our customers produced incredible results. And we are just getting warmed up. We still have tremendous opportunity to capitalize on our BBV2020 investments. From technology improvements to new food offerings to people practices to brand marketing to the classic McDonald’s tastes and experience, the future is very bright at McDonald’s. These results don’t happen by accident. These results don’t happen without the hard work of everyone behind the Arches. Everyone who is keeping us shining bright. It’s a big tent and we need everyone holding it up. It’s the people that make the difference at McDonald’s and it’s your leadership that bring the people. You are making a difference.  Keep leading the way.

Your “Dallas Bound” NOA Board

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