Looking Towards 2020

Dear Fellow Owners,

It’s been a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. The Business Leadership Summit was held with planning beginning for 2020. There is much to be excited about as we get ready for the new year. McDonald’s is just getting warmed up. We have done great work in the past few years. Our stores are modernized, our technology is improving, our drive thru’s are speeding up, and our marketing is poised for a major break out. And we haven’t even mentioned our new food news. The lineup is strong and getting stronger. The future is bright at McDonald’s.

Alignment has always been important at McDonald’s. Alignment allows for world class execution. Alignment provides consistency. McDonald’s strength is our consistency. Our customers rely on it, they expect it. They are counting on us for it. Your NFLA, OPNAD, and NSLC are providing the leadership we need for maximum alignment. They, along with the company, are bringing the vision to life for maximizing our investments. To get the most out of BBV2020. We have better alignment amongst our Owner/Operator groups and the company. We will all benefit from the increased collaboration. When we are aligned and focused, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. McDonald’s is an unstoppable force when we are aligned.

The Field Office Summits have begun. The Summits are a great time for connection and alignment. We are a social bunch. We like to see our fellow Owners, Suppliers, and Company brethren. We like to swap stories and best bets. We like helping each other out. We like working on problems and getting to solutions. We like a little drama (gives everyone something to talk about), a good vote (our voice), and take home value. But most of all, we like being part of the McDonald’s community. The NOA has become an integral part of this community. A foundational bedrock for our culture. A culture that is different from all of our competitors. A culture that strives for excellence and checks each other when we are not measuring up. That lifts each other up and expects the best from each other. We love the brand. We love the McFamily. We enjoy our work and those we work with. We are proud of our work, of our team. It’s our hometown, it’s America’s Restaurant.

The NOA has played a critical role in the positive change we have witnessed this last year. We went from running the play to owning the play. We are back to collaborating with our partners. We have enjoyed our Sunday conversations, our Sunday emails. This will be our last Sunday fireside chat...for now. We aren’t going anywhere, but it’s time for the NOA to focus on our core mission. Our mission of building ownership in our restaurants. Building a culture of operational excellence and world class hospitality. If you want to hear more from us, consider joining the NOA. We will continue our emails, our surveys, and will be offering new services for our members. You will not want to miss out. In the mean time, keep shining the Arches.

Your NOA Board

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