McFamily & Chicken

Dear Fellow Owners,

If it’s Sunday, it’s a message from McDonald’s, our hometown. It was a busy week, especially if you work at Popeyes. Popeyes came out with a Chicken Sandwich that rivals Chick-fil-A. It’s the first time Chick-fil-A has blinked, or more accurately, was forced to blink. But make no mistake, they blinked. Wendy’s got into the action and unfortunately, we’re still not in the game. That is going to change. We are working on a Chicken Sandwich that will compete. We will be in the game. People will tire of the service at Popeyes and they want an alternative to Chick-fil-A. They want a Chicken Sandwich at McDonald’s. We are going to give it to them. If you want to try America’s next favorite Chicken Sandwich, come to the NOA Dallas Meeting Oct 7-8.

We need to address Breakfast too. We continue to lose traffic at Breakfast but not because of our food. We are losing the coffee and tea battle and it’s not because of price. We should refocus on our hot and ice drip coffee blends, procedures, and equipment. We need our suppliers to bring us the best blends that are going to resonate and win with our customers. We must get our coffee back to best in class, back to being craved. America might run on Dunkin (for now), but they want to eat at McDonald’s. We give America their coffee back, and they won’t have time for Dunkin. We also need to look at our Sweet Tea procedures and bring back our styrofoam cup. We have other weapons in our drink arsenal and need to promote them. It’s not price that will win the day, it’s flavor, it’s taste. We also should promote the ease and convenience of our Mobile, Order, and Pay App. It’s good. Our coffee and tea will be too. If you want to join the discussion on drinks, come to Dallas.

McFamily is the theme of our upcoming Dallas NOA meeting. We want to get back to celebrating families at McDonald’s; both our internal and external families. My grandfather became sold on McDonald’s when his children dragged him to the Waukegan McDonald’s in the middle of winter, every chance they got. McDonald’s was about happy meals before Ronald McDonald. We won with Kids before we had toys. We need to win with Kids again. We do this by speaking to Kids again. We do this by telling Mom “we appreciate her.” We do this by telling Dad “we are here for him”. We do this by celebrating our families (and making the food taste great). They may be modern families, but they are our families. It may take a village, but we can be the center of that village. Send us your pictures so we can celebrate your family at McDonald’s. Send us your ideas on how to connect with our families. We need your help. See you in Dallas.

Your “trying to connect to his modern family” NOA Chair,