New BBV2020 Survey

Dear Fellow Owner,

It is a critically important time to update and seek your input in the below survey, regarding the company’s intention to extend BBV2020. Your NFLA Executive Team representatives, led by Mark Salebra, are currently engaged in meaningful negotiations with Chris K. and the U.S Management team. Mark has reported he believes they are sincere in their desire not to replicate the original path and to negotiate in good faith with Owners.

Both NOA, as your advocacy leadership, and NFLA, as your elected company representatives, see the current status as a seminal moment in our collective mission to restore the relationship. All parties understand the ramifications the original contract caused but have learned a great deal since then. We welcome the opportunity to make positive progress together again. 

We are humbled by the work of so many of our fellow Owners, in every category of the business. They are working without the benefit of staff or departments, yet providing such valuable data and feedback that we all should be proud to stand with them. When we meet again at our October 7-8 meeting in Dallas, there will be much more to report, and many to acknowledge. 

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.
Your NOA Board

Your Feedback Is Requested:
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