November 2, 2018

Dear Fellow McDonald’s Owners, A lot has happened in the past few weeks, much of it positive. Your voice is being heard and action is coming. This is good news. We are getting back to the way we know how to be successful as a family. Where our best ideas are allowed to be heard, recognized, and acted upon. Where the three legged stool is our secret weapon. Where there is real dialogue, real exchange, and we are playing with no fear. This is the McDonald’s way. We are switching from defense to offense. We are changing much of BBV2020…for the better. As Mark Salebra said, “a plan must transform in order for it to be transformative.”

The chart above sums up the results of our Nationalized Marketing strategy and D123. We need OPNAD to go back to what it does well and let our Coops go back to what they do well. We need to slow down the Reinvestment schedule and scrub all aspects of the MRP. We need to get our speed back and do it with less labor. The solutions are out there. We need to go find them. Nobody can do it like we can. Speaking of the power of the system, I am rereading David Peterson’s “The Good Egg.” It’s a terrific reminder of how the Entrepreneurial Spirit within McDonald’s can change the world. The story of how a McDonald’s Franchisee contributed to the three legged stool. We all have this ability. We all can make a difference. Starting right now. Look forward to seeing you in Dallas.

Keeping the Arches Shining Bright,

Mark & Blake

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