November 20, 2018

Dear Fellow Owners,

Nothing brings family together like Thanksgiving (willingly or unwillingly). Fred Turner talked a lot about the Family of McDonald's and "the give and take" that comes with being part of a family. In later years, Jim Cantalupo spoke of "collaboration" in the same vein. Mike Roberts used his partnership with Reggie and the NLC to guide this big family. We are in the middle of the Family "give and take" right now. We are changing course. We all recognize that BBV2020 must change in order for us to be successful. The over 500 responses from the NOA BBV2020 survey overwhelmingly support change. These responses have been shared with Chris and Juan. We have collated and summarized these requests in the list below. Please review and get back to us your thoughts. More importantly, share your thoughts with Chris and Juan during the upcoming Field Office Summits. It's up to all of us to help guide the Family. Your voice matters. Our collective success depends on it.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Mark and Blake

  1. Eliminate the Sam Wall
  2. Eliminate the Ten Year Floor to Ceiling Remodel Requirement
  3. Extend the MRP timeline to 2022
  4. Rollback ADB
  5. Rebate Rent and Service Fees on Delivery Commission
  6. Fix HOTG
  7. All GMA Promo locally controlled
  8. Stop D123
  9. Fix Technology
  10. Return Advertising Dollars and Value pricing to Local Coops