November 28, 2018

Dear Fellow Owners,

It’s been quite a week at McDonald’s. By now everyone should have seen Juan and Chris’s announcements. Juan’s on the NLC structural changes and new elections...Chris’s changes to BBV2020. Both are good first steps toward reestablishing our culture of collaboration and of leading together. It’s imperative that we get back to true collaboration, listening to each other, and adjusting as we go. Dwight Eisenhower said it best “planning is everything, plans are nothing.” While the plan is important, it’s the execution that really counts. There is still much work to do in order for us to get back to executing at the Standard of McDonalds. Rebuilding the relationship and trust will go a long way in this effort.

The National Owners Association was officially incorporated in the state of Illinois this week. NOA is a self funded advocacy group working on behalf of all McDonald’s owners. NOA will be a conduit for the voice of the owner community going forward. A clear channel for those teams working on our behalf. It’s critical that we strengthen the connection between the decision makers and the field. NOA’s mission is to insure this happens. Just this week, we shared with Christian and the Store Tech Board your over 400 Technology Survey results. These results will strengthen Christian and the tech teams’ resolve at tackling the issues that are most important to you.

NOA will also work to restore the culture of collaboration and partnership to the three legged stool. The spirit of team work that has always driven our success at McDonalds. If you have an example of this happening or not happening, please share with us. We want to hear from you. And like any self funded association, we will need your help to get this done. We are asking for contributions at $200 per restaurant to fund this activity. We have more information under the Membership section of NOA’s website. We will be sharing more organizational details in the upcoming weeks.

Lastly we are looking forward to seeing over a thousand of you at NOA’s annual meeting in Dallas. This meeting will be historic for McDonalds. Never in the history of McDonald’s have this many McDonald’s Owners gathered at the sole invitation of their fellow Owners. It speaks volumes to the commitment that we have for our culture and our brand. It will be an exciting event with relevant content and speakers. Content that will insure we are speaking with one voice and successfully collaborating with our company partners. Speakers who will help us with executing our individual plans as well as supporting BBV2020. And plenty of time for Q&A. But most importantly, it will be a reminder as to why we love McDonald’s. Why we still love going to work everyday and why it’s a good time to buy at McDonald’s.

See you in Dallas,
Mark and Blake