Operator Led - Staff Supported

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. Our country continues to struggle with Mass Shootings that make no sense, that test our faith. We operate in an environment charged with division, anger, and despair. Where there is little common ground, where understanding and compassion are in short supply. I had a crew person in one of my restaurants refuse service to an ambulance driver. She said we don’t serve “anyone with a badge.” She was wrong and is no longer with McDonald’s. We do serve our first responders, proudly. We also serve our teachers, our doctors, our students, our families, our custodial workers, our seniors, our juniors, our huddled masses. We serve all, proudly. We don’t serve those that abuse our staff or threaten us. It’s a charged environment out there and we must keep our teams safe. Our people are our most precious asset. They can and do make a difference in a different world. We can’t shrink from that world, we can’t pull back. We must lean forward. We must find the courage to carry on. America is counting on us.

Mark and the NFLA team continue their work. Mark’s message of “Operator led, staff supported,” is a great one. It’s been our secret sauce from the very beginning. It does require “Operators Leading.” We must push forward, finding ways to improve our food, our operations, our marketing, our communications, our training. There is plenty of work for us out there, both in our own restaurants and within the greater McDonalds community.  The “staff supported” part could use some help too. Thank you to Andy Ruprecht for leading the Field First task force. Andy and the team will be working with the company on how to improve the company field structure to better “staff support.” When we are working together, we are unstoppable. When we are at odds with each other, it can be very difficult. Fred spoke to how we should work with our corporate counterparts. His words below are still relevant 30 years later.

We are ramping up for our October 7-8 meeting in Dallas. While we have made great progress, we still face many challenges to our business. The work doesn’t stop. We must not stop. We must show everyone that we are united and committed to keeping McDonald’s the brand we all love. The Golden Arches on the hill.  The hometown favorite. The All American icon. It’s going to be a great show with plenty of time for Q&A. You won’t want to miss it.

Your “proudly serving” NOA Chair,