Pursuit of Happiness

Dear Fellow Owners,

It’s been a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. “Delivering Happy” was launched by OPNAD, promoting our delivery business.  Allowing us to take advantage of a new and improved partnership with UberEats. Happiness is fundamental to the Golden Arches and we can deliver it like no one else. Now we can deliver it to your door.  Another step for brand McDonald’s and one that’s in step with America.

Speaking of Happiness, Burger King is giving up on it. They have had an Angry Whopper for a while, but now have Mood meals to counter our Happy ones. Their claim is you can’t be happy all the time, so why try?  One of the meals is “DGAF.” It stands for “Don’t Give A F....”. Ray talked about using a hose when your competitor is drowning. I don’t think we are going to need one. Happiness is like having high standards and sound principles. We strive for them even when we don’t achieve them. We strive for happiness too.

There has been a lot of focus on our drive thrus and simplifying our operations. We appreciate Joe Jasper and the operations teams’ help getting our speed back. The roll back of All Day Breakfast has gotten a lot of attention, not all of it in support. Trimming menu items is never painless. We must remember that we are making cuts so the vast majority of our customers will be better served. Our North Star is Fred’s “greatest good for the greatest number.” The McDonald Brothers started with a menu that had everything from Barbecue to Burritos on it. They cut it down to a handful of items and revolutionized the restaurant industry.  We must do the same.

McDonald’s also revolutionized franchising. The brand was built by it. Where we individually compete in our local markets, but come together for the brand. Ray and Fred loved having entrepreneurial partners in the field. It wasn’t perfect (even in the good old days). We had our disagreements and we worked out our differences. Not much has changed in 65 years, except the size and complexity of our system. The NFLA Executive Team has elevated and prioritized the conversation on franchising. Five NFLA officers participated in the Franchise Team meeting on May 3rd and will be discussing this topic with leadership over the next 30 days. Stay tuned for communication and next steps towards progress.

Tonight is the final episode of the Game of Thrones. Not exactly Happy Meal tie-in material, but America is watching. America is enthralled. I find myself looking at what they are eating on the show, in the taverns, the palaces, and the prison cells. There is no common meal. No universal food staple that transcends the dizzying array of groups. Alas, there is no McDonald’s in Westeros. No place to lighten the mood and no place to go for a smile. The Game of Throne’s is dark and brutal, it makes me want to go to McDonald’s (or have it delivered).

Your “cheering for Arya”  NOA Chair,