SAM Walls and Upcoming Elections

Dear Fellow Owners,

It’s been another busy week at McDonald’s. Steve Easterbrook has been out and about. We welcome him to the US business. His thoughts and words are much appreciated. It would be great for him to speak to all of us, to help better explain his vision for the brand. Why is he insisting on SAM Walls, why should the company receive rent and royalties on UberEats commissions, why was Ronald taken away from us? How are we going to build the business in our Drive Thru’s? America is in a hurry, how can we help out? There are many more Global initiatives that have materially affected the US business (styrofoam cups, plastic straws, family marketing limitations) and we would like to hear from Steve. We at NOA have offered him the opportunity to speak to us. We hope he will.

Many have asked about our last email regarding remodels and reinvestment. NOA would like to give the NLC 90 days to negotiate with the company but we recognize you need to use your discretion. Our position is that you shouldn’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. If that means you aren’t in the financial position to continue, then stop the project. If you don’t agree with SAM Walls, demand they be taken out. If the company doesn’t comply, stop the project. If you feel there is wasted investment or the cost isn’t right, and you can’t get cooperation, stop the project. If you don’t like how it looks, stop the project. If you need back up, call NOA or me, 813.918.4101.

We have elections coming up for both the NFLA and for OPNAD. It’s going to be a busy season of campaigning. It’s great that we have so many qualified candidates running. It’s great to see so much talent coming back into leadership. It’s the experience in our ranks that is needed now more than ever. It’s our knowledge of the business that we must tap into and use to lead this great brand forward. Thank you to all who have stepped up. Thank you to all who lead in your own way. We don’t have to be invited to BLS to lead. We can all lead and we need everyone to lead. It’s how Fred wanted it. He liked having 1,800 presidents, 1,800 leaders, 1,800 decision makers. It was his/our secret weapon. We need to get the weapon back in use.

Speaking of campaigning, we have the NFLA Chair Town Hall coming up. We changed the date to February 11th to give everyone a chance to join the race. Right now we have three candidates who are participating: Juan Samour, Lisa Essig, and Mark Salebra. Jon Kelley, NSLC chair will moderate. Jon will be taken questions before the Town Hall, please contact him at More details will be forthcoming.

America is in a hurry. So are you.

Keep Shining,