Thank You For Your Support

Dear NOA Members,

We had a great meeting in Dallas this week. It was filled with inspirational talks about McDonald’s and progress reports on our NFLA, OPNAD, and the NSLC teams. We heard from Larry Light on what McDonald’s means to America and why protecting our culture is so important. Why “Keeping the Flame Alive” is up to us. We tried a very good chicken sandwich, although we are betting the one in our restaurants will be even better. We heard from a host of leadership operators on how the NOA has fundamentally changed the relationship with the corporation. That without the NOA, we would not have made the progress we have made over the last year.

There is still work to be done. There are still changes to be made. With your support, the NOA will continue the work.  Please consider renewing if you haven’t already. Our next meeting will be in Orlando during the Worldwide Convention (details to come). Thanks for all that you do to keep the Arches Shining Bright.

Your “Keeping the Flame Alive”

NOA Board

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