We Believe In McDonald’s

Dear Fellow Owners,

It was a busy week at McDonald’s, our hometown. We held our National Owners Association annual meeting in Dallas. It was a gathering of Owners and Suppliers whose passion for the business is as strong as ever. Who are actively looking for ways to grow the business and deliver more only at McDonald’s memories.  We heard from past, present, and future leaders of this great brand. All who bleed ketchup and who believe in McDonald’s. Who recognize the special place we occupy in American Culture and why McDonald’s wins with the American Consumer. We still have more work to do, we are still green and growing, but we are not alone. The NOA safeguards the culture that has made McDonald’s the number one restaurant in the world (and going strong).

Our suppliers have played and play a critical role in our success. They are a vital leg of our stool.  They bring solutions and ideas to the table. It’s awesome to have such a strong community of suppliers (a special thanks to QsrSoft). They want to hear from their customers so they can develop products that will improve our operations, will reach our customers, and will help us attract and retain the very best people. Our suppliers are our partners and bleed ketchup like we do. They want to see McDonald’s win and are beside us all the way.

McDonald’s was built on uniformity and consistency. It was built on Trust. It’s our hallmark. When you come to McDonald’s, you know what to expect. It’s like coming home. Except that we live in a world that worships individual preference. That demands choice. Where the most outlandish food exploration is the most critically acclaimed.  We offer America a respite from all that exploring, from all that customizing, from all that mixing.  We give America its favorites and we do it with a smile. We do it rain or shine, day or night. We are the consistent feel good food in a very inconsistent world. The McRib is back and pork lovers are rejoicing. We can mix it up too.  
Happy dining America.  

Your NOA Board