Kevin Lilly

Diversity Director (AMOA)

Kevin Lilly has just completed his 48th year in the business and his wife, Jeaneane, has been an approved owner/operator for 20 years.  Both look at this business as a team effort. Each is heavily involved in their 18 different communities where their 24 restaurants are in East Texas. Kevin is currently the NFLA ROIP Team Lead. He serves on Opnad representing AMOA and is the immediate former FAC chair for the Dallas Field Office. He is the Southern Zone President for AMOA and the 2nd Vice Chair on the Executive Board. Kevin has received many Outstanding Store Awards, and Jeaneane and him are two-time recipients of the Ronald Award, as well as being honored with the Fred Turner Golden Arch Award. Kevin and Jeaneane reside in Athens, Texas and enjoy traveling in their motorhome throughout the US.