NOA's Newest Legacy Membership For Retired Owners & Suppliers

Dedicated to help preserving, promoting and providing future generations with the memory and magic of the authentic McDonald’s Culture.

A Message from Art Davenport

Former Owner

What is EverGreen?

Several years ago Fred Turner initiated an organization he felt was very important to preserve the legacy and culture of McDonald’s. Called The Evergreen’s, Fred meant it to be an organization so that former McFamily members, Owners and Corporate employees could have a network to stay connected to the Golden Arches and to help memorialize the history of the company.

This is the same reason Fred commissioned the book authored by John F. Love, Behind the Golden Arches, to preserve the history of the great company, as he was quick to say, “ Warts and all.” Fred never feared provocation, straight talk and common sense. Ray and Fred boldly created a “War Room” in the top management wing of McDonald’s so that they could openly foster a culture of spirited debate. They never attempted to stifle disagreement, intimidate those who spoke up, or had a better way of doing things.

At one World Wide meeting, Fred referred to McDonald’s Owners as “a Conclave of President’s” as he honored the success of Owners for innovation and growing the business with many new products and processes. NOA was created out of necessity to help restore the culture and the entrepreneurial spirit that Ray & Fred started, and many believed was at risk under new management.

In Fred’s honor we have created a new category of membership called EverGreen for the purpose of preserving the McDonald’s culture and allowing those that retire from the McDonald’s System to stay connected as long as they desire.


$ 100 per Year
  • Member-Only Meetings
  • Video Archive & Meeting Recaps
  • Member-Only Blog
  • EverGreen News
  • Mentorship Opportunities

Additional Benefits

Additional Opportunities

Opportunities would exist for members willing to provide the following support,
on an agreed upon basis, especially in terms of time commitments.

Communications will be key to ensure proper calibration of the Owners interests
and available time to do the following:

For questions, please reach out to Teri Nelson.