Sign Our Declaration

Stand with the NOA by signing below, regardless of whether or not you signed in Dallas.

We, owners of McDonald’s restaurants, members of the National Owners Association, sign this declaration in Dallas, Texas, at the 2nd Annual NOA Meeting on October 7-8, 2019.

NOA was established out of necessity in October of 2018 because the new McDonald’s leadership team engaged in business practices that shook the foundation of both the relationship and the culture of the company. In spite of these developments we took the high road. We formed the NOA with the positive mission to restore the culture of collaboration so responsible for the success of McDonald’s over the last six decades.

However, since the birth of the NOA, McDonald’s has sought to undermine our mission to advocate on behalf of the Owners, for the three-legged stool, and for the good of the McDonald’s system. Despite McDonald’s interference, nearly 75% of the Owners have joined the NOA and united with their brothers and sisters in the McFamily.

We are dismayed to hear, see and realize how severely McDonald’s has ramped up its unethical and intimidating actions, at multiple levels, to target NOA and silence our voice. Owners and suppliers continue to report with regularity the intimidation and scare tactics ranging from written correspondence from Supply Chain leadership, to regional leaders speaking publicly against NOA, and company representatives making derogatory comments to individual Owners and their next-generation candidates.

We do declare:

We will not allow McDonald’s to intimidate us;

We stand together strong in our independent association.

We will not tolerate McDonald’s retaliation;

We have each other’s backs.

We will continue advocating for our rights;

We renew our pledge to advance the good of the system.

Under the golden arches, we unite.