NOA Priority Survey Results

2. As a McDonald’s Owner, rank the following 6 issues by order of importance

82 Economics
20 People
7 Operating Platform
5 Brand
4 Technology

3. Rank the top 9 priorities for the NFLA Economic Team

83 Every Restaurant Must Stand on Its Own Economically
16 Rent Chart Review; Potential Modifications
11 ROI on BBV2020 (Mod C, Mod A, MRP)
7 Establish ROI Tool for All Initiatives
3 BBV2020 Closeout Process (Verification / Backup Detail) (ADA Clarifications)
1 Review “Closing a Restaurant” Case Study
0 Quintile Restaurants by Volume / Cash Flow
0 Refine Cap Ex Worksheet by volume / BRE Options for Financing
0 Build a Report for Bank Comfort (Lender Assurance)

4. Based on your years of restaurant experience, market, and trading area competitive set, what areas of menu development do you see as the biggest opportunities in the United States.

39 Chicken
4 Hot Coffee
2 Plant Based
1 Iced Tea
1 Snack Options
0 Beef
0 Frozen Carbonated Beverages
0 Hot Coffee
0 Iced Tea
0 Breakfast

5. How would you like to see communication improved between Owners and NFLA?

27 Optional conference calls/webcasts that are subject-based and targeted at specific areas
15 Secure blog for best practice sharing
5 Face-to-face touchpoints with Owner leadership in markets
0 Additional emails from elected leadership with updates
0 Communication, texting in emergency situations

8. What are your top priorities as it relates to the franchise subject?

52 SBO Communication of Stores for Salebr
33 Consistent Application of National Franchise Standards (Operations, Financial, Reinvestment, People, Building the Business through Guest Satisfaction, Owner Operator Involvement)
23 ROIP (CEV, BSV, VOICE, 800#, Food Safety)
12 Business Review Processbr
1 Rewrites