Protect Your People Labor Relations Service

Your NOA Board is proud to announce that we are immediately rolling out the strategic Labor Relations service we’ve been benchmarking from the insightful program put in place years ago in the Heartland and other regions. NOA CoOp Liaisons Gina Wolfe and Barry Traub, have worked diligently with their local leaders to receive unanimous support to execute the specially discounted program in their respective CoOp’s.

In addition, we recently surveyed All NOA Members to determine your individual support for a national rollout of this threat/risk mitigation program and received overwhelming support. Your NOA Board believes the current heightened labor activities and congressional deliberations are the biggest external threats to restauranteurs in recent history. This new NOA service, executed by the veteran McDonald’s labor relations legal firm of Brody and Associates will provide every Owner with the most cost-effective, early warning program available.

Many Owners have heard the principle of the firm, Bob Brody, speak eloquently on several NOA member calls. He outlined how, for a minimal investment of only six dollars per month per restaurant, McDonald’s Owners will be trained, forewarned and protected from the anticipated organizing and legislative threats planned by the unions over the next several years.

The threats are serious, and the Pro-Act, if passed, would be arguably the most anti-employer legislation in decades. Provisions of the Pro-Act include:

  • Your rights to communicate with your employees about the detriment of unions will be forbidden.
  • Making franchisors like McDonald’s joint employers with their franchisees.
  • Elimination of the right-to-work laws in the 27 states that have right-to-work protections.
  • Taking away employers’ right to decide what it will pay unionized workers and giving this right to third parties who have nothing to do with the business.

Even if the Pro-Act is stalled in the U.S. Senate, McDonald’s Owners have been advised and need to visit the Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”) website to see how McDonald’s is the #1 restaurant target of the union. The anti-union website SEIU Exposed, linked here, clearly demonstrates that the SEIU is armed with a $260 million organizing war chest, of which $50 million is targeted for QSR’s, including multiple protests and campaigns already held and forthcoming at McDonald’s as shown in the pictures below.  

Services Included in the “Labor Relations” by Brody and Associates:

  • Proactive & Routine Training:  Specific McDonald’s web/virtual preventative training programs on numerous actions and basic restaurant operations procedures, signage (no solicitation) and steps you can take now to prevent your restaurant from being infiltrated by union paid protesters. 
  • Monthly Updates:  Specific McDonald’s web/virtual preventative training programs on numerous actions and basic restaurant operations procedures, signage (no solicitation) and steps you can take now to prevent your restaurant from being infiltrated by union paid protesters.
  • Early Warning Text Alerts & Notifications:  Once you register your cell phone with the program you will receive important text messaging informing you of any relevant local, regional or national labor activity that can impact your restaurant, no matter where you are located.  Increasingly, rural stores have been targeted as “easier marks” similar to what urban Owners have experienced.
  • Expert Legal Consultation—One Hour Per Month:  Once engaged in the special service any Owner involved can receive an hour of monthly consultation with a lawyer skilled in Labor Relations in the QSR arena.
  • Discounted Legal Fees if Additional Service is Required: As a special service to NOA Members if you need additional labor relations assistance due to targeted efforts against your restaurants your fees will be discounted by 10%. There is a network of attorneys affiliated with Brody and Associates that you can access or you are able to retain your own external legal counsel if desired. Even those with existing labor counsel, will want to sign-up for this special notification program as most firms only engage after there is a major unionization engagement.

Brody and Associates Success Stories for Owners – 3 Examples:

  1. Night Swing Manager threatens to go to union if Owner doesn’t agree to Swing’s 3 wage-related demands. The Service prepared a strategy to aggressively undercut the employee’s claims in front of the entire crew.  Within one week, the union drive was dead.
  2. Employer designed bonus program to help recruiting. As designed, the program was unlawful and could have cost the Operator tens of thousands in back wages and penalties. The Service found the mistake, fixed it, and the program is a success.
  3. Union announces it will disrupt business by taking the employees out of the store on strike and threatens to protest in the store. Owner called Service to devise a plan to prepare for the attack. Employees are convinced not to strike, and protest turns into a 15-minute interruption. Restaurant employees tell union to get out as they are not interested.

The NOA Brody and Associates Service is Proactive and Anticipatory:  It identifies weaknesses and threats before they become a problem. Text alerts are sent to Owner’s phone advising them of immediate threats such as picketers heading to a restaurant or new union strategy such as asking OSHA to allow them to join an OSHA on site investigation. 

Costs & Signing Up Immediately for the Service:  Based on the strong support shown in the NOA Member Survey, the program has been discounted to $6 per month, per restaurant or $72 per year, per restaurant, an outstanding value as an important, relevant risk management plan in today’s political and governmental environment.

In the CoOp’s that have already joined, they have used excess funds to pay for all local Owners which may be more efficient. Otherwise, individual Owners can sign-up immediately. 

Joining Demonstrates NOA’s “Unity With A Purpose”:  To make the program so cost effective it was based on both the size and proactivity of the NOA Members, so we encourage all to join.

Not only is this economic based, but the obvious reason the SEIU is targeting McD’s and QSR’s is because it has continued to lose  membership in other sectors (only approximately 6%), because of the tactics, corruption and clear greediness of the unions. The SEIU is believed to be behind getting employees hired, campaigning for the $15 Fare Campaign so that they then can charge members a higher membership rate to join their group.

Recent McDonald’s Successful Case Study — It Can Happen to You, But McDonald’s Employment Story Perseveres: Linked here is an important story Pennsylvania Owner and prominent leader Meghan Sweeney shared on a recent call, in response to questions about if the Union movement is reaching more rural towns. With her support we share not only the importance of all Owners joining regardless of location, but also how McDonald’s strong people practices can even overcome a “union plant.” Please read the Case Study for an excellent example. Also, click here to view a recent union activities and political statements about organizing McDonald’s.