Stop Guessing, Start Sensing

Thermaº continuous monitoring technology protects your inventory 24/7 from temperature and humidity spikes, equipment failures, power outages, and human error. Thermaº customers save $15,000+ per unit, per year by:

  • Eliminating product loss resulting from equipment failures, power outages, and human error
  • Saving valuable employee time spent on daily temperature checks for other tasks
  • Preventing equipment downtime by catching issues before they happen and avoiding costly last-minute repairs

Calculate your savings by visiting our ROI calculator or request a demo with our team to learn more.

NOA member Griggs Enterprises creates operational excellence with Thermaº“Thermaº being in our stores gives us peace of mind that we did not have before. We are able to see real-time what the temperature is in our equipment, therefore keeping our product at the right temperature at all times.”

-Denson Bates, COO, Griggs Enterprise’s


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