BOHA! by TransAct

BOHA! is a suite of award-winning, foodservice-specific apps and hardware designed by TransAct Technologies — a decades-long leader in gaming and foodservice industry solutions.
With a keen focus on digitizing manual, error-prone kitchen processes, BOHA! reduces food safety and compliance issues, increases back-of-house efficiency, and provides critical insight into daily operations.
With BOHA!, enjoy on-demand, FDA-compliant labels, more efficient food prep, automatically logged food temps, increased employee training speed, faster menu changes, and real-time tracking on everything from opening and closing procedures to hygiene-related tasks.
Leading brands using BOHA! have seen:
  • 56% reduction in food quality issues
  • 16.5 hours saved weekly at each location using BOHA! Checklist
  • 2 hours saved per day/location with BOHA! Labeling
  • Prevention over $1,000’s in food loss using BOHA! Sense.


PH: 404-276-9669
Direct Contacts:
  • Christopher Buckley, Global Sales Manager, McDonald’s Corp