Core Image Solutions

Core Image Solutions was founded on our mission to provide solutions to the environmental struggles the entire world shares. Signs are a source of direction for consumers and can ultimately impact a consumer’s initial judgement on a business. We know that first impressions are everything. So we thought to ourselves how can we help businesses maintain their image AND simultaneously do the right thing for the environment? Through complete sign refurbishment and restoration we have achieved just that — a sustainable solution for businesses and the planet. We offer an array of services including but not limited to:

When your investments begin to fade Core’s Re-Color service will bring your elements back to life with our proprietary coatings. coRE-COLOR will leave your investments looking vibrant and new.

Brands are constantly evolving in one way or another; upgrading and shifting things like logos, color schemes, etc. When your brand standards change coRE-NEW can help you get up to standards in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. We will change the look of your investments without replacing your existing structurally intact elements.

Your exterior elements and signage are constantly being hit with the elements of the weather. It is inevitable that your investments will crack and fade. We offer a repair service for those pesky cracks and holes that just appear one day, so you don’t have to replace them!

As with the inevitable cracks and holes, at some point, a letter on your sign will fall, break, or simply disappear into thin air. With coRE-PLACE your missing letter will not-so-mysteriously reappear and return that seamless look to your investment without having to replace your panels!

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