FLASHRIGHT® is the national leader in providing suggestive sell displays for retailers in the United States. FLASHRIGHT® was founded in 2009 for quick service restaurants (QSR) to increase their revenues by stimulating profitable add‐on sales from their drive‐ thru and in‐store customers.

With over 10,000 installations, at Franchised and Corporate locations for leading Restaurant Chains across North America, FLASHRIGHT® outperforms other POP solutions and initiatives.
The FLASHRIGHT® Display is a digital LED display that mounts to the speaker post.

The programmed on/off/hold “flash” sequence gets customers’ attention and influences them to react to the message for an immediate purchase decision at point of sale.
The display provides a clean, dynamic look to promote add‐on, incremental purchases and it works constantly throughout the ordering process to ensure the message is seen.
Displays will not slow down the ordering process and relieves the crew member from the task of a suggestive sell message, so crew members can focus on order accuracy & speed of service.

FLASHRIGHT® has proven to be a reliable provider for the QSR industry and will continue to build its product line and brand throughout the U.S.

FLASHRIGHT® continues to operate as a Family Owner Business.


PH: 678‐455‐9121
Direct Contacts:
  • Pete Monti, Owner



  • Ken Sommerfeldt, Associate Partner



  • Sales & Support